Thank you for visiting my website! A little bit about me… I am a wife and a mom.

My sweetheart

I looovveee capturing images because I want to remember everything! I want to remember the places, people, memories, emotions, milestones, victories, and even sometimes the challenges of life! I want to be able to look back and say, oh yes, I remember her first grin; oh man, I was so COLD making that snowman; wow, look at that hairstyle and those pants! I am from Malaysia (where?) and moved to America to marry my sweetheart. Yes, I moved from a tropical peninsular to farm country with cows and horses in my yard AND lots of SNOW (still love it!)! Being so far away from home, I treasure the moments I am able to have with my family. My babies and I look at our photos and talk about the islands we visited in Asia, or the parks we went to with Popo and Kongkong. Skype and Facetime are our best friends and I am thankful for the family that I have here. Family In the same way, I love capturing memories for others because I want to help YOU remember! Another reason for my love of photography is the ability to share a message with others or to illustrate and support the good deeds many people are doing around the world. In 2007, I had the opportunity to travel to Rwanda as the team photographer and documented the work that Africa Mission Alliance and YWAM Rwanda were doing and the lives that were changed with education and with the ability to make a livelihood. I also captured images of many children, waiting for that life change to happen, and my images helped connect sponsors to the children. It creates a sense of warmth in me knowing that God can use my images to change a life! I seek to continue doing that — finding opportunities to change lives! Rwanda 2007 I have many other interests too — I always want to try something new. This past year’s new adventure was gardening and canning! The previous year’s was quilting, knitting, and crocheting. In addition to that, I teach piano and ESL English, I enjoy dabbling in graphic and web design and love teaching my babies new things. Oh, this year’s new adventure is having TWO babies! Oh there is always laundry to be done! But in my brother’s words, If you are doing laundry, it means you have a family. Yes, my family is my greatest adventure!


Oh and lastly, I shoot with a Canon! :D

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