Daniel Detox: Day #2

We made it through Day #2!!! I wanted to point out that I do not think that dairy, gluten, and sugar are unhealthy. That’s not the reason we are cutting them out. However, they are common food items that people have sensitivity to and my husband and I have been having various health issues (hypertension, insomnia, fatigue, and stress/anxiety) and we’re trying to see if it is diet/lifestyle-related.

So we’re cutting dairy, gluten, and sugar out for a time period to cleanse our bodies of them and see if we notice any differences in our health. If some or all of our symptoms go away after the 40-days, we will add those food items back in one at a time and see if our symptoms come back. It’s kind of an investigative process. :)

Unless we find that we have a food sensitivity issue, we will most likely eat all those foods again but in moderation of course, but there are some things I have learned, where I want to change my habits for good. Well, one step at a time… my goal is just to develop a habit of being mindful of what we eat and learning about food and what nutrition it provides for our body. Alright on to what we ate yesterday…

What we ate…


Avocado spinach ommelette fried in coconut oil. It was pretty good. :) I am not used to “cooking” something for breakfast so it almost seemed like it was a treat — my husband thought so!


Cinnamon Roasted Pecans with Mixed Berries for a snack. My little one loved this — a win for a healthy snack!


Crunchy Spicy Chickpeas: olive oil, chili powder, cumin, and turmeric and roasted in the oven for 40 minutes at 400F. (Make sure to put them close together on the pan in the oven or stir them around a bit, otherwise the ones near the fringes seem to burn!) We ate way too many snacks while I was making them that we were too full for lunch!!!

Crunchy Spicy Chickpeas with Egg

Crunchy Spicy Chickpeas with Egg for a mid-afternoon snack!


Lettuce Turkey Roll-ups with Artichoke Hummus ~ This was meant to be for lunch but we had it for dinner instead. I also made a side of stir-fry veggies with white beans and the leftover dressing I made yesterday. I would say this meal was palatable but not my favorite.

Reflection for Day #2…

I felt great yesterday and honestly, the meal prep does take up time because prior to this, I really only cooked one meal a day — dinner. We just ate oatmeal or cereal for breakfast with fruit or smoothies and shakes and had sandwiches or leftovers for lunch. Now for this, I have been cooking 3 meals a day and preparing 2 snacks! I can see that some of the snacks I am preparing will last for a few days and soon I won’t have to constantly refer to the book for the recipe and be able to cook like how I normally do — just throwing things together! Lol

This morning I woke up feeling nauseous but I’m hoping it’s from lack of sleep being up with the baby (whom I think is teething — ugh!). Hoping to take a nap today but not before I have my Day #3 breakfast — quinoa with almond milk and cinnamon!

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