Daniel Detox Days #3-5 (Weekend)

We are actually already on Day #8 today! We made it through the first week! I’m not going to lie — we slipped up twice, once intentionally and once unintentionally. Ah well, get up and keep going, right?

I was able to keep up with it 100% at home but the weekend involved a lot of going out, so I tried to plan ahead so that we had food we could take with us, or have food ready, waiting at home. It went pretty well… I brought my quinoa bake to the Women’s Breakfast and ate it with some fruit.

But then we decided we would go to the International Food Court while at the Missions Conference and just pick out salads and fruit and other approved foods. I also packed my roasted almonds and edamame for snacks. It was all going well… I picked out some salads and a beef broth stew and got some fruit… but then, I walked by the “India” food stand and they had 3 different kinds of curries made by a real Indian from India. I caved!!! I rationalized it by saying that he probably used coconut milk… but who knows, I’m pretty sure I got some sugar that day and most likely some MSG. And no, I did not take a picture of my plate! (The curries were SO delicious!!!)

Day #3


Breakfast: Quinoa in almond milk with cinnamon ~ not bad, could use some fruit to sweeten it up.


Snack: Blueberry Flax Spinach Protein Shake ~ I liked this shake too!


Lunch: Dressing for my Raw Kale Salad… olive oil, garlic, lemon rind and juice, and I think just a little bit of salt and pepper


Lunch: Raw Kale Salad ~ I’ll be honest… I was pretty scared when I saw this. Looked like we were going to be eating mouthfuls of grass! But we both had seconds! The mix of the olives, dates and nuts with the kale was just refreshing!


Dinner: Greek Baked Haddock ~ marinated with olives, onions, garlic, oregano, lemon juice, oil, salt, pepper


Dinner: Greek Baked Haddock with asparagus and quinoa ~ This one’s another keeper!

Day #4

I didn’t take a picture of everything we ate because some of the snacks were repeats. It looks like they repeat some of the recipes within the 10-day Meal Plan. It’s not a bad thing because it’s definitely easier to make something the second time around. For snacks, we’re still finishing up our Crunchy Spicy Chickpeas, some nuts and hardboiled eggs.


Breakfast: Quinoa Bake with Cashew Butter ~ It was not bad but I did not have any stevia to add to the mix so without the nut butter, it was pretty tasteless.


Lunch: Sundried Tomato Burgers served over a salad ~ You’re meant to use ground turkey but I just used some ground beef that I already had and I think I mixed in sun dried tomatoes, garlic, Dijon mustard, balsamic vinegar, oil, and some salt and pepper. Gourmet burgers anyone? They were good!

We got home late from the Missions Conference so for dinner, we just had leftover turkey roll-ups with artichoke hummus with a salad. :)

Day #5

Today was a church day so I made the same Blueberry Flax Spinach Protein Shake from Day #3 and ran out the door!


Breakfast: Blueberry Flax Spinach Protein Shake


Lunch: Black Bean Soup ~ The flavor was not bad but neither of us are big fans of beans and so having a meal of just beans was not that exciting. It had onions, cumin and bay leaf in it. We had some leftover burgers and a salad to go with it.


Snack: Edamame ~ eda-what? :) Soybeans in the pod. They say they are a complete protein with all 16 amino acids. I like them a lot! You just steam them and pack them in your purse. :)


And we all know that for dinner, I had vegetable and chicken curry at the International Food Court. To my credit, I refrained from having any butter chicken curry (since it obviously has dairy in it) and did not touch any delicious warm naan!!!

Reflection for Days #3-5…

Overall, I think it was a successful weekend. We were hardly home but we still managed to stay close to the diet. I will say that I did not have to take a nap despite being so busy all weekend but I have not seen a change yet in my blood pressure numbers.

The next week will present a different challenge though — my husband starting his new job.

Still excited about this Detox!

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