Daniel Detox: Days #31-40 (SUCCESS!)

We made it through 40 days and we finished strong! :) Day 40 was on Sunday, 5/4/2014! It feels good to know that what I’m putting into my body is going to help it and not harm it.

My daughter had a birthday in our last stretch of the detox and we had a big party to celebrate her turning three. Since I have been learning about nutrition, I felt guilty about serving party food knowing that it’s not the best for our bodies especially for little ones. I made it a point not to serve any chips, soda, or candy at the party and my take-home gifts were little paper dolls that I printed off from Spoonful.com (Check them out; they are pretty awesome!) I served lots of fruit, raw veggies with dips, halibut salad on tortilla chips, and my husband grilled some chicken legs. We did still have a few hotdogs, pizza (and a few gluten-free quinoa crust pizzas!) and of course cake and ice-cream. :) (I’m not going to judge you if you have typical party food at your party! It gets expensive trying to serve healthy food for large crowds and I also felt guilty about serving food that I wasn’t going to eat.)

Our plan after the 40 days is to add back in dairy, sugar, and gluten one at a time in small quantities and to observe our bodies to see how it responds. My husband has voted to add DAIRY back in first. He actually tried to stay up till midnight on Sunday because he wanted to celebrate with a glass of milk — but I was so tired I fell asleep! It’s ok; he celebrated with some Gouda cheese on Monday!

Highlights of some of our meals…


Grilled chicken thighs marinated in Dijon mustard, herbs, salt/pepper, and hot peppers from my garden! It was yummy! And I tried some brown rice pasta but I don’t think I like it. I’m going to try spaghetti squash next time!


“Good Girl Moonshine” ~ A Trim Healthy Mama recipe that is just 1 quart of ice/water (I just made half), 2tsp apple cider vinegar, 1tsp ground ginger, and Stevia to taste. I love it! Check out the link below for the health benefits.

Recipe: THM’s Good Girl Moonshine


I made the Thai Coconut Fried Rice again but with black rice. Anytime I see a grain of dry black rice anywhere I think it’s a mouse turd!! Gotta love some hot peppers!


Invited a friend over for lunch and served her the Thai Coconut Fried Rice, Raw Kale Salad and some leg of lamb with mint sauce leftover from Easter. She approved of everything! :)


I got some chuck eye steaks that were on sale and my husband soaked it in brine overnight to tenderize it because they were not the best cuts of steak. It seemed to work — he grilled them medium rare — YUM! Love it when he grills!


Sweet potato pancakes ~ well, I’m not making these again! Lol They only consisted of sweet potatoes and eggs and it tasted like very tasteless steamed eggs! I served it with some strawberry sauce to help us eat it and it helped a little. The first pancake tasted good but then you would start getting sick of the second one. LOL


Salmon with cilantro mint chutney and some mixed greens — someone told me we could eat the beet greens and I love them!


My daughter wanted me to take a photo of her plate of food since I always took photos of my food! She was having some salmon, black rice, and a piece of bread!


My little princess at her party!


The beautiful cake that my sister-in-law made that we have not tasted yet!!! We have the leftovers sitting in our freezer and can’t wait to taste it soon!


My family

Reflection for Days #31-40…

It feels SO good to have accomplished the 40-day detox. I really want to thank my husband for his support because if he didn’t do it with me, I am sure it would have been a lot harder. Also, once he decided to do it, he is kind of a Nazi for rules! Sometimes, when we were out, I would say ah, this mustard has some cane sugar in it, but I’m sure it’s just a little bit… but he will adamantly refuse to eat it and that will make me stick to the rules too! LOL My Mom also had a lot of good tips and I had many friends who cheered us on and helped us figure out where to buy certain ingredients or answer questions about the whys behind the food or physical reactions. If you are interested in trying something like this, I would be happy to be a supporter because I am so grateful to my supporters!

Making my journey public on the web also helped motivate me to FINISH IT!

What now?

That’s the question everyone is asking me. Like I said before, we are adding each food group back in one at a time to just see if we experience any adverse reactions to it. If we don’t, then will we just go back to eating how we used to? Absolutely not!

We have been sleeping well, my blood pressure is decreasing to normal levels, our energy levels are increased, our mental clarity has improved, and since I’ve been feeling less lethargic and experiencing more vigor, this has also led to having more motivation for exercise — my next challenge!

If changing our lifestyle brings about all these positive changes in how we feel, then I am even more certain that I want it to be a longterm change! I don’t think I will live without dairy, gluten, and sugar 100% but I think we will eat closer to the regular Daniel Plan (which doesn’t cut it all out — just uses it in moderation, cuts out white products and selects healthier options). Hey, I gotta have some ice-cream sometimes!!! And, I don’t think that it is dairy, gluten or sugar that is unhealthy. It is how much we consume and I think it is hard to cut back because you will be making the same recipes and it will not taste as good with less. However, when we cut it out, we couldn’t make any of our old recipes and we had to learn new recipes and learned how to make good tasting food without those ingredients and now, I can easily add some dairy, gluten, or sugar to my new recipes to ENHANCE them!

My next challenge…? Running a 5k (or maybe even a 10k)!!! Who’s with me? :)

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