Daniel Detox Days #9-10!

We have completed a FULL 10 days of our Detox: no dairy, no gluten, no sugar! It was really not as hard as we thought it would be and I wanted to spend a little bit of time reflecting on what I have learned so far through this new lifestyle…

  1. You need more than just willpower to make a lifestyle change! You need to have Faith, the right Focus, Fitness, and Friends to cheer you on!
  2. Stock up and stash healthy snacks around the house so that you have something to munch on when the cravings hit!!! I have been stocking up on nuts, and nut butter and try to always have a dip in the fridge to eat with veggies.
  3. When we’re out, I also keep a little tub of nuts in the car for emergencies if we’re out longer than expected! I might also start packing little single servings of nut butter to carry with me in my purse.
  4. Serve nuts in small serving containers to prevent over-eating!!! They say that it takes 20-minutes before your body tells you that you’re full
  5. Eat smaller portions but eat more often throughout the day
  6. Read labels! They seem to hide MSG in everything! And sugar too… in many different names!
  7. Plan ahead and try to cook bigger portions to save leftovers for busy days. But when you cook bigger portions, make sure to set aside the extras before you start eating… so you are not tempted to dig into the extra portions and eat more!
  8. Friends are a big factor for success. My husband ate with me and was excited to try new recipes with me. My friends told me where to find ingredient and swapped recipes and motivated me to continue by taking interest in what I was doing.
  9. Vegetables are naturally sweet and flavorful!
  10. New recipes are hard the first time, but they get easier the more times you make it. Collect healthy recipes and practice making them! For the first few days, it took me at least an hour to make a recipe but after I had made it once, the second time around went a lot more quickly.
  11. You CAN make your own coconut and nut milk and butters! I’ve only tried making Coconut Milk and Coconut Butter so far. Almond milk/butter next! Coconut milk is SO easy to make and only costs a fraction of what you would pay in the store. I’m not sure yet about the cost savings of nut butters. Martin/Giant’s nut butters are pretty reasonably priced I think, but I’ll let you know after I try making some myself!
    *Note: My friend just told me she tried to make coconut butter in her Black & Decker blender and it overheated and melted the plastic gears! So, just wanted to throw a word of caution out there! I used a Thermomix and the recipe links used a Vitamix. If you were able to use a blender or food processor successfully, let me know!

I’m sure I will learn more through the next 30 days! I will keep looking for ways to simplify the process or make it more efficient so that I can sustain this change longterm.

Day 9

Breakfast: Quinoa bake with cashew butter
Lunch: Leftover shrimp curry and brown rice
Dinner: Mediterranean Lamb Kofta with Cauliflower Mash

Snacks: nuts


Dinner: Mediterranean Lamb Kofta with Cauliflower Mash ~ the ground lamb was mixed with parsley, onion, garlic, paprika, salt/pepper and the cauliflower mash was just seasoned with olive oil and some rosemary. My husband could not tell what it was! He asked me if it was mashed potatoes!!! :) Evie ate this meal too!

Day 10

Breakfast: Quinoa bake with fruit, unsweetened shredded coconut and almond/coconut milk
Lunch: Leftover lamb kofta with cauliflower mash
Dinner: Grilled salmon with mint chutney

Snacks: Quinoa bake with coconut butter! & Blueberry flax spinach protein shake


Quinoa bake with fruit, unsweetened shredded coconut and almond/coconut milk


Trying my hand at making coconut butter! Shredded coconut in the Thermomix. I had about 250gms of it (maybe 3 cups). I then blended it on high for 3 minutes, stopping midway to scrape the sides down.


Tadaaa! Homemade coconut butter!!! Evie asked me to put some “frosting” on her “cake”!!! It was really sweet!


I made some Coconut Milk with the leftover scraps in my Thermomix by just adding some water and running it on low speed for about 5 minutes. I did turn the heat up on the Thermomix to boil it because the leftover butter was not dissolving in the water.


So from a little $1 bag of unsweetened shredded coconut, I got half a pint of coconut butter and about 3 cups of coconut milk! I didn’t strain the milk so there was some gritty stuff at the bottom but if I used it in a smoothie, it wouldn’t matter.

Little update: 2 days later, my coconut butter was SOLID! (i.e. not spreadable) I saw on the instructions website that this would happen… so I have to warm it up a little to be able to spread it on things. Also make sure you don’t put it in the fridge!


Dinner: Grilled Salmon with Mint Chutney (parsley, mint, garlic, olive oil, lemon juice, salt/pepper) It was meant to be cilantro but I didn’t have any and thought parsley might work… it definitely has a different flavor but still pretty good. I do think that it will be better with cilantro however. :)

Reflection for Days #9-10…

First of all, I had actually considered only doing it for 10 days because I was not sure if we could sustain it for 40 days, so I’m excited to reach one milestone!!! We just have to repeat the 10 days, 3 more times! My husband has been having really restful deep sleep for the past few nights and this in turn has really improved his focus and mood during the day. I have also experienced less fatigue and higher energy levels, but I am still waiting to see my blood pressure numbers improve. I did read that it could take a few weeks to a few months to see improvement, so I’m not discouraged yet!

Now that I have a good system for my meals, I will be focusing more on FITNESS for the next 10 days. I just got the Daniel Plan Journal and will be using it to track my progress. I hesitated buying it at first because I thought, ahhhh… I can just write in my own notebook and keep track. And I know that I still CAN do that but the journal asks you questions each day, e.g… (See sample chapters…)

  • Faith: How has your health hindered you from participating in the life God has for you?
  • Food: How did your meals align with the Daniel Plan plate today?
  • Fitness: What fitness/movement did you do today? Duration?
  • Focus: Gratitude for today…
  • Friends: Who encouraged you and supported you? Who needs your encouragement?

I like having a little guide and I think that it is a nice little tool that will help me stay on track and I would like to be able to save it as a record to look back on in the future and maybe even to share with others.

So, since I did not start journaling from Day 1, looks like I will have to add 10 more days to the Detox to finish my journal — shhhh… don’t tell my husband! LOL

We still have a few new recipes from the plan that we have not tried yet, so I’ll probably only post when I have new meals to share and maybe talk more about my fitness journey next.

Thank you for supporting us through our health journey!

Here’s to the next 30 days!

“Following after the Holy Spirit leads to life and peace, but following after the old nature leads to death.”
Romans 8:6 (LB)

“You are controlled by your new nature if you have the Spirit of God living in you.”
Romans 8:9 (LB)

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