When People Become Tasks

It’s the middle of 2014 and I wanted to write a little blog post reflecting on my progress with my goals thus far. But, as I started writing my blog, my daughters started pulling at my feet and begging for attention. I told them, I couldn’t paint right now, Mommy has to work. I was eager to go through my list and see what I could cross off! I started crossing things off and feeling accomplished at how much I have done in the first 6 months. However, as I started to go down the list, my heart started to drop as I read…

14. One hour of school with Evie/Alice
15. Play with my babies
26. Spend limited with tech

I’m not saying I should play with them all the time but I realized that many times, I put tasks ahead of people and even turn people into tasks! For example, I might only do school with Evie just to check it off my list, but do I take advantage of teachable moments when she asks me questions? I might give $$ to others to check off my list of doing missions but do I respond when someone I might not really like, asks for help? Do I read my Bible and pray to check it off my list or because I truly hunger and thirst after God?

There are many days when I create a to-do list for myself (and my family) and stress out if things do not get checked off and turn into a stress monster lashing out at everything and every one whom I think stood in my way of completing my tasks. It actually just happened this past week and I stopped in dismay at the person I had become. This was not who I wanted to BE.

As I looked through my goals for the year, there were many that I could check off but there were also things that were things that I wanted to BE. I wanted to BE grateful, BE loving, BE sensitive to needs, BE encouraging, BE there for my babies, BE supportive, BE set apart. Yes, I can create goals to help motivate me to BE more but they are an on-going goal to live out and can never really be checked off a list.

Thank you Evie for constantly asking me to play with you, read with you, dance with you, sing with you. Thank you for reminding me that life is not all about DOING but more importantly about BEING.


That being said, it is still good to write things down as a reminder to BE or DO to live intentionally and with purpose, so here is a little re-cap that I started writing before I left to go paint with Evie and dance to our VBS music CD.

  1. Exercise

    High points: I ran a 5k!!! Woo hoo!
    Low points: I haven’t run since! But I have already made plans to run this week with a friend!
    New challenge: I think I would like to try for a 10k by the end of the year.

  2. Create Art ~ Does doing art with Evie count? :p I would like to take an art class…
  3. Make Photobooks, Print Photos! ~ None yet!!! :(
  4. Do “missions” every month
    We have set an amount in our budget for helping someone each month and so far we’ve done it every month.
  5. Blog, write, reflect ~ YEP!
  6. Eat healthily

    YES! A little update on what happened after the Daniel Plan. SO, we added each food group back in: sugar, then dairy, and lastly gluten — and my BP went back up! Eek! Through some deduction, I think that it is closely related to sodium (no surprise there) BUT I realized that the Daniel Plan reduced my BP because milk (yes, milk!), cheese, and butter have high amounts of sodium; prepackaged breads and wraps are high in sodium too and high levels of sugar also affect blood pressure by retaining water in your body among other things that I probably can’t explain.

    So, I am not 100% on the detox anymore but I stay pretty close to it while I’m home and try to just choose the “better” option when I’m out. So far so good! My numbers are not the best but they are staying below 140/90, which is what my Dr wants to see and at least I know that I CAN get them lower if I eat clean and exercise! (Note: I AM completely off my medicine!)

    I have also just started “oiling” with Young Living oils and learning more about essential oils as an alternative medicine to treating health issues. I started becoming interested because many of my Mommy friends were using it on their babies for teething, colic, cradle cap, reflux and other baby issues instead of filling their pure little bodies with synthetic chemicals! So far, I’ve used a “Peace and Calming” oil blend on John when he can’t sleep and it did seem to help. Planning to try some of the suggestions to reduce high blood pressure too.

  7. Connect, keep in touch, encourage ~ We had the opportunity to spend some time with John’s brothers over the last two weeks and it was a really great time with good conversations!
  8. Do devotions: personal/family, pray for us/others ~ Not consistent!
  9. Live frugally, budget, save ~ We are doing REALLY well — not to talk ourselves up but we have learned to live on less and it has become easy to stick to our budget. It wasn’t easy and it took us 3 years to develop good habits on finances!
  10. Give more ~ YES! So excited to be able to.
  11. Pay off one loan 

    We have paid off not just one, but THREE loans and only have one loan left! Praising God for his miraculous provision and just in awe at his grace and mercy upon our lives giving us what we do not deserve. We are going to be DEBT FREE by the end of this year!!!!!!!!!

  12. Finish my quilt before Alice is 1! ~ EEK! NOT DONE!
  13. Minimalist challenge ~ I have started putting things in boxes and bags to give away but I haven’t counted out how many things are in there. The Minimalist challenge just says that reduce clutter for 30 days. The first day you get rid of one thing; second day, two things and so forth.
  14. One hour of school with Evie/Alice ~ little bit
  15. Play with my babies
  16. Read

    Reading Now: Gentle Babies, Trim Healthy Mama, The Calvary Road

  17. Start journals of babies’ milestones, quotes ~ Only on Facebook
  18. Tell John I love him everyday
  19. Tell the babies I love them
  20. Play the piano/guitar ~ I have not done this AT ALL unless I am playing for church.
  21. Fill my house with music ~ YES! We finally bought a CD Player
  22. Learn something new ~ Learning about Essential Oils!
  23. Invest in young lives ~ A little… we are having a few kids over during the summer and now that John has a job with day hours, we will be able to do more! So excited!
  24. Show gratefulness ~ We have done a few things to show gratefulness like cooking meals or hosting and giving gifts.
  25. Go outside more ~ YES! Now that it is Summer-time
  26. Spend limited with tech ~ Need to work on that… especially to STOP using my phone when the babies are clamoring for my attention
  27. Love others unconditionally ~ I don’t think I can ever cross this off the list but I pray for grace to love others with my imperfect love.
  28. NEW GOAL: Complete EMM Training Modules

    We are preparing to go on the mission field hopefully next year and part of the requirements is to go through 13 training modules that consist of reading and reflection on various topics. We are on Module #3 so far and are reading The Calvary Road by Roy Hession!

 Ongoing goal: Learning to BE vs. DO!

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