The last time I documented and shared a challenge I did publicly (Daniel Detox) — I succeeded and finished strong! So, I think I am trying it again! And maybe some of my friends want to join me too! So, what is the challenge? The challenge is to #startright40. Start. Right. for 40-days.

The first premise: If you want it done, do it FIRST!

What is most important to you? If you get it knocked out early in the day, then no matter how the rest of your day goes, you will have done what matters! I have seen such a difference in my outlook for the rest of the day. Having even just a few minutes to be quiet in the Word or to commit to the Lord something that is a challenge in my day, gives me energy and a peace to begin my day (I don’t pretend that I am a perfect peaceful person all day — but it sure helps!).

Exercise is another thing. When I exercise, I feel great. No guilt the rest of the day. And no fear when I put on that blood pressure cuff!

The second premise: It takes about 40 days (or more!) to build a habit.

Probably more than 40-days because we are not eating like the Daniel Detox Plan and we did that for 40 days! Not trying to be a downer here; just being real and honest (we are eating better though). I read that it can take anywhere from 30-days to 8 months to build a habit. Most sources conclude that the 21-day timeframe for building a habit is a myth. So, ANYWAY, I have picked 40-days. Maybe I’m just modeling the Daniel Plan. Maybe I’m just wanting an end in sight to celebrate. Probably both.

Lastly: Accountability — it is what helps propel us forward

Let’s do this. Let’s start our day right! Maybe it’s spending 5 minutes in prayer, or in reading the Bible. Maybe you want to start your day with a green smoothie (or at least have breakfast!), or you want to jumprope, like me. Well, maybe some of you have bigger goals — like running 3-miles before breakfast. Yeah, that’s not me but that’s okay!

I’m just challenging you to start your day with THE MOST IMPORTANT THING(s) and that will set the tone for the rest of your day.

Who’s with me?



If you accept the challenge, you have to tell someone. If you don’t tell anyone, it will be easy to skip a day or two, or all of them. There aren’t any rules. Just say “I’m in!” or post what you want do each day. On social media, you can use the hashtag #startright40 and check-in to see what others are doing and cheer each other on!

Now, you don’t have to post a real-time status update because most of us probably do NOT want to start our day with social media (my weakness!), so feel free to check-in in the evening or at the end of each week.

To start out: I’m going to start each day with 10-minutes in the Bible and 15-minutes of exercise and a Daniel Plan Detox-friendly breakfast (no dairy, no gluten, no sugar)!


And we will celebrate after 40-days!

Tomorrow is Day 1.

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