100 Thankful Days!

To keep up with my desire to focus on the positives, I’ve made a list of things that I am grateful for! #100thankfuldays, a spin off of the #100happydays challenge. Some things are obvious things to be thankful for, while others are grateful attitudes birthed from difficult situations.

Focusing on the things that I am thankful for WILL make my days happy.

I am sure I have plenty more to add to this list but I’ll stop at 100 for now. :) I think that sometimes being thankful is a CHOICE and I hope that by writing things down, I will be able to look at this list and remember to be thankful on days when life seems grey.

I’m not sure if I will post pictures because I really don’t think I can keep up with that but here is my list!



  1. My husband
  2. My sweetheart Evie
  3. My baby doll Alice
  4. My parents (always supporting us through everything!)
  5. My lil bro
  6. My Malaysian family
  7. My American family
  8. My popo who prays for us unceasingly
  9. My church family: Bethel and MMC
  10. My Bible study group
  11. Faraway friends who keep in touch
  12. Healthy family
  13. Skilled surgeons for my C-sections
  14. People who dream with us
  15. People who tell us hard things
  16. People who love us and show it!
  17. Two reliable cars
  18. My camera!
  19. My laptop and cellphones to keep in touch
  20. My awesome kitchen tools: AMC pots, Champion juicer, Thermomix, Crockpot, Bullet
  21. SO. MANY. TOYS.
  22. My piano! (and my husband’s guitar)
  23. Traveled to many countries
  24. Went to Rwanda with YWAM for a life changing experience
  25. TESOL experience
  26. Homeschooled and had lots of opportunities to try out new things
  27. Piano and guitar lessons
  28. Ability to work from home
    Living in the country
  29. Feeling safe
  30. Lots of fresh air and gorgeous views
  31. So much space outside
  32. SO many stars
  33. No neighbors close by
  34. A giant garden!
  35. Evie learns to eat veggies from the garden!
  36. My babies experience REAL animals
  37. Ski resort is just down the road
  38. Gracious and caring landlords
    Winter (and being snowed in!)
  39. Thankful for a warm house!
  40. Less activities, more time to reflect
  41. Learned to knit, crochet, and quilt
  42. Nurtured more imaginative play with Evie: legos, gi-joes, darth vader and not forgetting princesses.
  43. Evie learns to tell stories
  44. No car accidents!
  45. New snow experiences: snowmen, snow tunnels, skiing, tubing, sledding
    Living away from my family
  46. Learned to adapt to a new home culture
  47. Developed authentic friendships
  48. Noticed the strengths and weaknesses in each culture
  49. Learned more about Chinese culture to share with my friends here!
  50. Learned how to make pineapple tarts, kaya, sesame balls, curry puffs, and lots of other Asian food!
  51. Discovered Whatsapp! with my friends, cousins AND uncles and aunties
  52. Very acquainted with Skype and FaceTime
  53. Developed compassion for aliens in a new country
    Living on a low income
  54. Learned to make a budget
  55. Learned to live on less
  56. Learned to STILL make savings
  57. Developed a habit of making meal plans
  58. Learned many new recipes using beans and lentils
  59. My babies AND husband developing a wide palate
  60. Discovered Aldi and Glenwood Foods!
  61. Learned where to find the best deals
  62. Thankful for WIC
  63. Learned creative ways for fun free family activities
  64. Discovered the library
  65. Played outside with the kiddies more
  66. Thankful for hand-me-downs
  67. Learned to appreciate small things
  68. Our “treats” don’t have to be extravagant (Evie had her FIRST Happy Meal from Grandma last week and was very excited at the unexpected toy!)
  69. Learned humility in accepting gifts
  70. Learned to give as people have given to us
    Having school debt
  71. Learned debt elimination strategies
  72. Learned about how debt and investment works
  73. Learned how to make wise financial decisions for the future
  74. Thankful for concerned friends who helped us kickstart our debt free goals
  75. Able to help others take steps to eliminate their debt
    Living in a small house
  76. Less to clean!
  77. Learning to avoid clutter
  78. Not quick to buy new things (saves money!)
  79. My toddler learns to keep things in its place
  80. There aren’t as many places in the house to lose things (even though we never found the little pink phone!)
  81. We spend more time outside
  82. Have fun cookouts outdoors
  83. Thankful for kind family and friends who host parties for us!
  84. Have smaller parties but more often!
    Having high blood pressure
  85. Motivation to exercise
  86. Learning the science behind what we eat
  87. Learning a variety of new recipes and eating habits
  88. My toddler acquires healthy taste preferences
  89. My husband is willing to eat what I eat
  90. Thankful for many friends around me who challenge me and keep me accountable
    My husband losing his job
  91. More help around the house
  92. My babies having so much Daddy time
  93. He has had more time to participate in meaningful activities
  94. Learned to live on even less!
  95. Thankful for unemployment insurance
  96. Received so many thoughtful words of encouragement
  97. So many people praying for us
  98. Learned a deeper trust and security in God’s provision
  99. Learning contentment and patience
  100. Learning determination and endurance


16 Rejoice always, 17 pray continually, 18 give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus. ~1 Thessalonians 5:16-18


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